Hanson McClain has comprehensive knowledge in the core areas of financial planning to support you in meeting your financial goals. Our advisors take the time to understand what is important to you while working with you to identify your short term and long term goals. We realize each client has varying circumstances and financial goals and we make it a priority to review and analyze your financial situation and provide direct answers to your retirement and financial questions.

Our investment philosophy is a collaboration and team approach, amongst our advisors, enabling us to build investment strategies upon the knowledge and experience of our advisors.

Wealth Management

Let us formulate a wealth management plan that provides key elements to help you meet your personal goals and objectives. We believe in building personal and long term relationships with our clients while we manage their portfolios.

Investment Management

Investment management is a critical consideration in assessing your overall financial planning strategy. With so much information available, selecting the right move can be difficult. We offer simplified solutions when considering your investment options.

Managed Asset Program

Our team of advisors uses both quantitative and qualitative metrics to establish the investment tools in our managed asset program to provide a well-balanced portfolio.

Retirement Portfolio Review

Conducting periodic retirement portfolio reviews allow us to evaluate your financial situation and create a retirement portfolio that is suitable for you. We believe it is important to review your financial situation to determine the probability of your assets providing lifetime security for you and your family.

Income Planning

At Hanson McClain, we will analyze your unique needs and goals and provide you with solutions to help plan your future. Today, our economic situation is complex. We present options that offer a realistic view of future income planning.

Retirement Planning

Whether you are retired or planning toward retirement, you’ve worked hard and saved for your lifestyle. We review your financial situation and offer an approach to help you prepare for your retirement future.

Retirement Process

Let Hanson McClain’s advisors help you navigate the overwhelming process of transitioning into retirement. Understanding your choices is important to making an educated decision for you and your family’s future.

Retirement Plan Services – Your 401(k) Blueprint

A 401(k) plan is a valuable investment tool and an important part of an overall retirement plan.  Now more than ever, it’s time to create a 401(k) blueprint for your plan’s future success.

On-Plan Money Management

With questions surrounding the future of Social Security, along with the continued decline in the number of companies offering pension, your defined contribution plan (401(k), 403(b), or 457) is going to play an important role in your retirement. Our new Pathway program unlocks a world of investment options and brings professional money management to the savings inside your employer-sponsored retirement account.